"Jublia": Matching tool that allows you to interact with other event attendees online

At this event, we will introduce a matching system "Jublia" that sets up online meetings. It allows participants to search and browse the people they want to meet, match them, and have a direct video dialogue, which is available to premium and archive ticket purchasers, speakers, sponsors, and sponsors. Use it as a useful tool between event participants.

What you can do with Jublia

  • On the day of the event and before and after it (scheduled from 1 week before and after the event), you can request an appointment to those who want to have business talks or meetings online. And if the other party accepts it at the agreed date and time, you can have an online meeting online. (The company name, job title, name, etc. are displayed on Jublia, but the personal email address is not displayed.)
  • Meeting tools are provided by Jublia, no need to prepare tools such as Zoom.
  • You can search for the person you want to talk to by name, company name, industry, title, purpose of participation, etc.
  • In addition to online meetings, you can chat with people you have agreed on Jublia during the period.

About personal information policy

  • When using Jublia, some of the registered personal information will be provided to Jublia Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) by the EventRegist. In addition, information will be disclosed to the participants of this event who use Jublia. Please see the following for the privacy policy of Jubria.

How to use Jublia

  1. When registering your FIN/SUM ticket, please check to use Jublia. (Due to the personal information policy, it is limited to the registration of the participant himself / herself. It cannot be used by registration by other person on behalf of the participant.)
  2. You will receive an email from Jublia regarding usage flow.
  3. Register the schedule of the date and time you are available, and your profile.
  4. When it becomes available, enter criteria of the person you want to meet and search.
  5. Once you find a person you want to meet, send an appointment request.
  6. The person accepts your request, select the desired date and time.
  7. After confirming the date and time, both person will receive an email of the appointment.
  8. When the time comes, you can use Jublia's online meeting tool.

A detailed usage manual will be sent to the registered e-mail address in mid-March.

FIN / SUM secretariat